The importance of good artwork

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Why is artwork so important?
Good artwork can be the difference between selling merch and making money, and having a load of stock sitting on a shelf.
Super fans will buy anything, but you want to get the most sales you can, and great artwork will sell… simples

Whilst saving yourself some cash in the short term seems like a good idea, unless you are a graphic artist or designer you really should invest your pennies wisely and pay someone qualified to do it. why spend a fortune and countless hours creating music, and then not give it the visual appeal it deservesdo your research, look for recommendations and you will find yourself with artwork that will sell your music and your merch branding is everything…. as much as you may want your music to speak for itself… we are talking about the general population… humans.. people will always gravitate towards things that look the dogs do-daas we work closely with very metal art and highly recommend them, but the choice at the end of the day, is of course yours

Choose merch that will sell. Don’t choose merch because it is cheap..choose your merch, because it is quality.
Choosing items that you like and would buy yourself is always a good start. Don’t waste good artwork on something that looks pants… it may be cheaper but .. well.. it looks it..